All about nootropics

What is a nootropic?

So what is a nootropic? Unless you have searched for it or tried it yourself odds are you might not even know they existed… If you’ve watched the movie Limitless or read the book The Dark Fields it can be easy to see why a large number of people wish the “limitless drug” actually existed.… Read More »


4 Natural Nootropics to Improve Mood & Lower Stress

List of 4 natural nootropics to improve mood and lower stress.        [2 min. read] Most of us live busy lives with lots of things on our minds. Some days can be hectic trying to get everything done. Daily life and unexpected events can cause stress, bad mood, or you feeling overwhelmed. For… Read More »

Nootropics List

Here is a nootropics list that contains the most popular nootropics. These are not easily found and the majority of the time can only be bought online. Phenylpiracetam: Water soluble racetam. Even though it’s derived from piracetam, this nootropic, is estimated to be 50-60 times stronger than piracetam. It’s used to improve long term memory… Read More »


Where to buy nootropics?

Where to buy nootropics? Just like with any other supplement it’s best to obtain nootropics from a trusted vendor or site to avoid any issues with quality and authenticity of the nootropic. Depending on where you live there might be small shops that sell nootropics, but, will be hard to find since they are not… Read More »


Natural Nootropics List

Here is a natural nootropics list. These are some of the most popular natural nootropics that are used to give the brain a boost. Most of these natural nootropics can be easily found on supplement stores and online. Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR): Even though they are similar it is not to be confused with the sport… Read More »